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August 2017. New name, new website: - This is my last entry here. Good Fight, good night…

“Almost cut my hair“

May 2017. In Preproduction for my first feature film. Trailer comes with 2018.

“Long Slow Goodbye 2016“

Dec 2016. In progress for 2017: My first feature film and my first graphic novel. See ya!

“Xie Xie won 2 Awards on the L.A. Shorts Awards / USA“

June 2016. Best Screenplay: Gold Award: Xie Xie (by Nikolas Ibrahim) Best Cinematography: Silver Award: Xie Xie (DP Simon Schneider, directed by Nikolas Ibrahim)

“Xie Xie won an Award on the Accolade Global Film Competition in San Diego / USA“

May 2016. Xie Xie takes part at this years Accolade Global Film Competition. Currently in its 14th year, Accolade Global Film Competition is an avant-garde worldwide competition that strives to give talented directors, producers, actors, creative teams and new media creators the positive exposure they deserve. It discovers and honors the achievements of filmmakers who produce high quality shorts and new media.

“Xie Xie premieres on Berlin Festival“

May 2016. See „Xie Xie“ on Berlin Short Film Festival No.3 / June 30 - July 4 The annual Berlin Short Film Festival is becoming one of Europe's leading film festivals for international film-makers. The festival also benefits from the vibrant Berlin film-making community and the cinema's proximity to the media hub of the metropolis.

"International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2016 in Nice“

March 2016. „Der Isartaler“ is nominated in the categories „Best actor in a leading role“ & „Best director in a short film“. All screening dates on

“Helfen in der Ferne“

Feb 2016. My „SPIEGEL TV WISSEN“ documentary from Nicaragua next Wednesday, the 10.2.16 on SKY CHANNEL. Thanks to my „cameraman“ Wolfi -el gato-, Riccardo -el polo loco- and to all students and staff who were there. Also to my great producer who has torn the ass, Johannes Maierbacher, so that this project ever came about. Muchas Gracias.

“Xie Xie“

Jan 2016. it,s a wrap ! just finished my second short film „Xie Xie“. stay tuned

“Der Isartaler“

Dec 2015. All screening dates on

“Helfen in der Ferne“ a documentary about Nicaragua

Oct 2015. I am filming a documentary about „Global Brigades“ in Nicaragua. On SPIEGEL TV WISSEN in February 2016

upcoming short film “Der Isartaler“

July 2015. I am just filming the short film „Der Isartaler“, starring Markus Brandl & more, D.O.P. Torsten Lipstock… premiere in October this year. More stuff on

“Der Isartaler“ written & directed by Nikolas Ibrahim

Jan 2015. Here we go. I finally finished the script for the short film „Der Isartaler“. Now i started the preproduction: cast & crew & money :-). I am going to lens the film in July 2015. stay tuned…

Documentation BMW

Dec 2014. I am just in postproduction for a documentation about the newest „Hybrid“ car by BMW.